Inuk Travel has a partnership agreement with European Travel Insurance and is an authorized travel agent to sell all types of travel insurance products.

Are you a resident in Greenland and going abroad? Inuk Travel strongly recommend that you get a travel insurance before leaving Greenland.

You never know what can happen while you’re on travel on your wonderful holiday.

It may be you, who suddenly got ill or got injured, and have to go to a hospital, or got hit by a car, and you need to be treated urgently in a hospital – therefore, it can quickly become expensive for you. Or if your relatives at home in Greenland got seriously ill, or in a worst case scenario die, and you need to be home as soon as possible, it can also become very expensive.

Therefore, if you choose a Plus Travel Insurance, also called “ruined holiday”, i.e.

It will cover a new holiday with new tickets to the same place later on.

Please contact Inuk Travel, so we make a travel insurance offer that suits your needs – and we are always ready to give you an advise.

Never Save to buy a Travel Insurance – It Can Get Expensive For You!

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