Inuk Travel is a travel agency that sells all kinds of trips in- and outside of Greenland.

Inuk Travel were started and is owned by Gerth Poulsen, who has 20 years of experience in the travel industry.

Our mission with Inuk Travel is to sell every kinds of trips in -/outside Greenland.

We can arrange all trips for tourists and for all citizens in Greenland, who want to travel and og on adventures in the world, likewise we can arrange everything that can be experienced in Greenland.


Based on our experience and professional knowledge of Greenland and outside Greenland, we are always ready to guide you, so that you get the best journey.

Therefore, we do everything to ensure that you’ll have the unforgettable journey and we can at any time issue tickets, whether it is: Travel from Greenland abroad, accommodation in hotels in- or outside Greenland, travel tickets with ship, travel insurance, car rental, as well as all trips in Greenland, such as accommodation at cabins or hotels, whale watching, fishing trip, hike to the ice cap, sleigh ride, or whatever you search for.

We have a good network and many connections, so you can travel to many good places.

Contact us, and we will make sure you get the best trip! Contact us for us for a good offer.